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Regattaverein Bern

Logo Regatteverein Bern

The Regattaverein Bern is a dynamic and committed club with more than sixty years of organizational experience dedicated to promoting rowing in the Bern region. Our goal is to create a positive and inclusive environment where people of all ages and levels of experience have the opportunity to pursue their passion for rowing.


Positioning matrix:

  • Inclusion: The Regattaverein Bern welcomes and supports rowers of all ages and levels of experience, regardless of gender, ethnic origin or their abilities.

  • Performance orientation: The Regattaverein Bern strives to offer its participants challenging and fair competitions, which serve to improve their performance.

  • Sustainability: The Regattaverein Bern strives to make its contribution to environmental protection and sustainability by, among other things, reducing motorboat trips to a minimum on the day of the event. Furthermore, when procuring products and services, preference is given to regional suppliers where this is economically feasible.

  • Non-profit status: The Regattaverein Bern is involved in the community and supports local projects and initiatives that contribute to the promotion of sport.

  • Community: The Regattaverein Bern promotes togetherness and team spirit between the two local rowing clubs to strengthen the community.

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