One year ago ,we succeeded in offering a new type of rowing competition on Lake Wohlen, bringing together various boat categories and age groups. A lot of goodwill from the sponsors, great support from the members of both participating clubs (Rowingclub Bern and Ruderclub Wohlensee), and extraordinary weather helped us achieve a successful start. Positive feedback from competitors motivated us to put on an even more successful event in 2020. Our goals is to provide a setting where athletes can compete at their best and enjoy the regatta atmosphere with their teammate and other competitors. 


Unfortunately, in the current COVID-19 setting, this level of collegiality is not possible and after careful consideration of the current regulations in connection with the COVID-19 requirements for sporting events, the event will not be held. 


It is our goal, as the organizational committee, to be able to put on a successful event under more favorable conditions next year, where athletes, staff, family and friends can mingle and enjoy the competition. The only worry should be getting to the finish line first. 



On behalf of the BBR Organizational Committee,

Alexander Schorno

BBR President